Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner

Ela Conner, FDN-P

Health Coach and Detective

“I am Naturally Living Well and I want to help you do the same. If you want to achieve optimal health, I am here to empower you to Naturally Living Well.

My mission is to help you Naturally Live Well so you can enjoy family, friends, hobbies and work life.
I will help you be great at self-care using proven strategies, so you can maintain wellness, and if necessary recover from chronic health issues.

See how good you can feel

My mission is to help you Naturally Live Well so you can enjoy family, friends, hobbies and work life.
I will help you be great at self-care using proven strategies, so you can maintain wellness, and if necessary recover from chronic health issues.

See how good you can feel

thrive nutrition Naturally Living Well Selfcare Health Coach


What you put in your body gives every cell instructions to either thrive or deteriorate. Strategic use of nutrigenomics can be used to keep and bring back balance.
health coaching Naturally Living Well Selfcare Health Coach


You’ll be surprised what kind of motivation, confidence, and great health can come from having a supportive leader on your team helping you reach your goals.
Pain Naturally Living Well Selfcare Health Coach

Pain Relief

Reducing inflammation is essential to eliminating pain. I will help you identify what is causing your inflammation, the root to all health issues
better life Naturally Living Well Selfcare Health Coach

A Better Life!

If you want to feel better, but don’t know where to start, I have the experience and dedication to help you find the right path to naturally live well.

Client Testimonials

Ela....just wanted to say "Thank you" for turning my health around.  Your protocol has made a big difference in the way I feel and the way I look.  My hair is thicker, my skin is clearer and that is just the frosting on the cake-so to speak. As for the true reason I first came to you; I was tired and fat, I had tried to stay on track with my eating habits and failed. After finding out that there was more underlying causes for my having the tests you suggested and following your instructions I am happy to inform you- I am 30 pounds lighter and beginning to regain the energy I had at 35! Thank you again!    Deborah S.

"Five years. That's how long I really hadn't slept when I called Ela for help. I had been waking 4-5 times a night and had horrible hot flashes on top of that. I was exhausted, could power through a day, but couldn't sleep. Ela ran a couple labs, recommended I try a few specific supplements, and even taught me how to use them correctly. I had already tried most of the supplements she recommended, different forms and manufacturers. But she taught me how to ease in to using them instead of going full strength all at once, and what time of day to take them. What a difference! She also suggested lifestyle changes, specifically, to really slow down for a while. Honestly, that was the hardest part, since I tend to be a type A personality. The time off led me to examining, and making changes in my thought life, specifically what I consider stress, and my emotional responses to it. I cannot thank her enough. I sleep through the night (unless a full bladder calls, or the cat overheats me), and no more hot flashes. I handle stress in a different way emotionally, and therefore, physically, and feel so much better. I thank Yahweh God for the understanding of the human body and the resources he has blessed her with."     Karen B.  

"I have known Ela Conner for the past five months.  Over the past two years I have undergone three neck and spinal surgeries. I was walking with a cane and taking large amounts of prescription pain medication just to get through my day.  I weighed 250 pounds and could hardly get out of bed. Then Ela naturally changed my life.   She suggested a series of blood tests not typically prescribed by medical doctors.  She analyzed and reviewed my results with me.  She switched me to a plant based diet and prescribed various natural vitamins and dietary supplements.  Now eight weeks after starting her treatment plan: I am walking without a cane, no longer taking any prescription medication, my pain is significantly reduced, I am now much more energetic, I now engage in regular activities, and I have a more positive outlook on life.  Oh and as an added bonus, I now weight 214 pounds, a loss of 36 pounds and a waist size reduction from 40 to 34.  People that see me now can’t believe the change.  If you are serious about making a positive life change I strongly suggest you talk with Ela.  She will literally change your life."   William S.

"For over 20 years I have struggled with various manners of maladies, including pain, weakness, skin rashes, digestive issues, tachycardia, inability to sleep well, an overall felling of lethargy and a lack of enthusiasm.  Doctors were no help at all and naturopaths with little help, and never seems to have my health issues resolved.  It was after a very scary event while out of the county that I decided to reach out to Ela for help.  Sadly we didn’t know Functional Diagnostic Nutrition existed until you introduced it to and once again I had hope.  A couple of test results came back and you dug into them to develop a protocol.  I immediately saw results!  Within weeks I was headed in a better direction and a renewed sense off enthusiasm.  I am back to golfing, sleeping better, skins has cleared up and confidence has been restored."   Dan S.