When you hire me to help you achieve optimal health I will support you by gathering extensive intake information and facilitate ordering various functional lab work if needed to provide a Report of Findings with a plan, provide you with evidence based articles on natural protocols that work to restore balance to the body, utilize my expertise with supplements to help you implement them in a beneficial order and how much to take and how long.  I am also more than happy to work with your current practitioner to get the results you want.


Supplement Consultation

Vitamins and minerals are the foundation of abundant health.     Because of our farming practices the nutritional content in our foods has diminished and it is essential to supplement so that the body has what it needs to optimally function and keep immune system strong.   Supplements from herbs and plants can help restore balance to areas of the body that are weak.   With my knowledge of supplements I will help you get the best supplements and identify what supplements will support the body and improve health.   I will review the supplements you are currently taking and help you identify any changes that will provide the greatest benefit.  This is a one hour coaching session and a supplement script from my dispensary.


Blood Chemistry Profile

Annual wellness check to fine tune areas in the body that need more nutritional support to increase function.  This comes with a report that provides blood chemistry analysis from a functional perspective. You will find tips on what nutritional steps you can take to support your body.


Functional Adrenal Stress and Hormone Profile

I call the adrenals the stress organ.   Many practitioners are realizing that stress is the foundation of chronic illness.  That is why I like to start with the adrenals.    This package includes a DUTCH lab using dried urine samples, results and recommendations for a natural protocol and help implementing the protocol.  My clients have been able to resolve health complaints just by identifying adrenal dysfunction and supporting the adrenals.


Minerals and Toxic Metal Status

Mineral functions range from providing structural support in the formation of bones and teeth to maintaining acid-base balance, water balance, nerve conduction, muscle contract and enzyme functions.   Minerals are the spark-plugs in the chemistry of life.

Hair analysis has shown it to be excellent tissue to monitor toxic metal exposure.  The toxic elements or "heavy metals" are well-known for their interference upon normal biochemical function. They are commonly found in the environment and therefore are present to some degree, in all biological systems. However, these metals clearly pose a concern for toxicity when accumulation occurs to excess.


Failing to Thrive

Many H.I.D.D.E.N. (hormone, immune, digestion, detoxification, energy, nervous) systems can inhibit our body from functioning and therefore we will fail to thrive.  This program will use six different labs to identify areas that are causing chronic dysfunction in the body.  This will be a year long program with 12 coaching sessions.  The labs that will be used are:  DUTCH to look at adrenals and hormones, GI-MAP to look for pathogens, OAT provides insight into the body's cellular metabolic processes, HTMA to identify mineral deficiencies and toxic load on the body, MRT to identify food sensitivities, BLOOD Panel to identify areas of the body not functioning.